A jigsaw puzzle of over 3,300 pieces

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A jigsaw puzzle of over 3,300 pieces


  • A Quality team working with state-of-the-art measuring systems for each part of a car to make a perfect fit


A jigsaw puzzle of over 3,300 piecesMartorell, 29/01/2015. – “It’s not each millimetre, but each tenth of a millimetre that’s important” for the more than 3,300 parts comprising a car to make a perfect fit, explains Moisés López, from SEAT’s department of Quality Measuring Techniques, in charge of analysing and measuring the different parts in order to put together a jigsaw puzzle known as a car.

The quality process followed is ever-present throughout the design, develop and manufacture of a car, beginning with the early sketches right through to final delivery to the customer. Analysis and checks are constant. All told, more than 600 persons of 16 different nationalities work in SEAT’s Quality department.

Part of Moisés work is done in the Meisterbock room, where SEAT ensures the quality of its models during the launching and production stages. Here the cars, with their metal structures, look like so many scalextrics. Before assembling the entire car, the team measures everything using state-of-the-art technology: laser, scanner, photometry and other ground-breaking systems.

This technician also goes to the production plant’s workshops to ensure that quality requirements are met and maintained right through the car-building process. “Once the parts are released, monitoring is passed on to production, and continues right up until production of the car, just before delivery to the end customer”, he explains.



Moisés admits that the exacting demands he needs to apply to his work find their way to his domestic sphere. “I don’t know whether it’s a virtue or a vice, but here we are extremely methodical and analyse all sorts of small details”, he says. By way of example, he admits that he has a certain obsession with order at home, and the kitchen cabinets are full of boxes labelled with the name of what is inside. “Everything has to be perfect”, he maintains.

And, it goes without saying that he finds it impossible not to touch each and every clearance and flush surface on any car he gets into. “I run my hand along them because I love touching to see whether things offer the sensation of quality or not”, he adds. Scanner in hand, the Quality team is “the all-seeing eye”, concludes Moisés.



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